CASE STUDY: Worn to be Wild!


Worn to be Wild

The MUZEO showcases prestigious and world-class traveling exhibits and the “Worn to be Wild” event kicked off the opening of a special exhibit and raised funds to sustain their world-class programming and sponsor school trips for local children.

Event Goal:

  • Incorporate the history of the black leather jacket into the gala event
  • Incorporate the upcoming exhibit, Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket (organized by The Harley Davidson Museum in partnership with EMP Museum) into the gala event

Event Highlights:

  • Fundraising goal was exceeded
  • Leveraging community relationships to secure appropriate and amazing props for the incoming exhibits
  • Event branding was maximized before, during and after the event
  • Artist painted Pop Art during the event and while pulling inspiration from the Rock and Roll music
  • People arrived in their black leather best and danced until the event shut down
  • Bourbon Tasting

The Great Takeaway from the Event:

The number of people dancing until the end of the night showed the commitment and energy to this event as a whole. Everyone had a good time and was drawn closer to the goals of the MUZEO as a result.

Michelle Says:

It was incredible to be able to incorporate such a fun theme, which allowed us creativity beyond the normal bounds. We are thrilled with the energy created for this night.


We didn’t make a statement. We screamed one.