CASE STUDY: Illumination Foundation

Illumination Foundation

The Vision of Illumination Foundation is to break the cycle of homelessness using
innovative, integrated care and a unique public/ private partnership.

Carnival for Kids is a community event designed to bring a memorable experience to
children in Orange County who may never have had such an experience before.

Event Goal:
The event goal was to determine the best possible way to utilize resources and to provide a safe, joyful day to the children and families of Anaheim. Creating a sustainable event was paramount-as was an experience full of fun rides, activities, contests and games!

Sunday Sol Events was delighted to provide the event management so the foundation could turn their entire focus to increasing sponsorship.

Event Highlights:
For some children, this was the first time they could attend a Carnival. Mayor Tom Tait of the City of Anaheim visited with the parents and children. Wild Wing of the Anaheim Ducks also made an appearance. Sponsorship goals were exceeded.

A system for tracking and counting the attendees was initiated to determine the activities and rides that had the highest popularity throughout the day. This was an important development so that future carnivals can utilize resources more effectively and create a special experience, filled with joy and happiness for the kids.

The Great Takeaway from the Event:
It was a great day and it demonstrated that future events are possible even on a restricted budget. It also allowed the team from the Illumination Foundation the opportunity to spend time with the families, constituents and sponsors and not to worry about safety or organizational concerns.

Michelle Says:
It was a tremendous opportunity to see the Illumination Foundation pursue an event that was designed specifically for children and the families in the community. The City of Anaheim and the Illumination Foundation aligned their goals to reach an under-served population. Together, we were able to create a special moment in time where watching the child-like wonder created for the families resulted in success for everyone.

The Client Says:
Sunday Sol Events was an outstanding addition to our Carnival for Kids. The event this year went significantly more smoothly thanks to them. From the beginning, they were focused on effectively streamlining things and took all of their details off of my staff’s plate. All of that, and they were an absolute pleasure to work with!