photo credit - Hilleman

Case Study: SIMA Environmental Fund’s 2017 Waterman’s Auction

The SIMA Environmental Fund was created to serve as the environmental arm of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association by raising funds from the public through fundraisers and solicitations. The SIMA Environmental Fund uses these funds to promote ecological and environmental organizations whose efforts are focused on enhancing the oceanic environment.

Event Goal:
SIMA’s goal for the Waterman’s Auction each year is to bring in the most money possible for their beneficiaries.  With the auction being their primary source of fundraising, SIMA felt that a more targeted solicitation process would result in higher quality auction items and that pre-event promotion of the items would help increase excitement for the auction.  It was also important to implement a seamless auction experience for their guests onsite, from beginning to end!

Event Highlights:

  • Auction Technology
    SIMA wanted to utilize auction technology to enhance their pre-event and onsite auction experience for their guests. 
  • Quality vs. Quantity
    Through targeted solicitation based on past results, we helped bring in quality auction items to complement industry items secured through SIMA’s members and internal connections.
  • Onsite Support
    Sunday Sol Events managed the entire auction portion of the event – from beginning to end, including a seamless check out and invoicing experience for our guests. 

The Client Says:

As a nonprofit with a small staff, it was reassuring to know that Sunday Sol Events’ professional and enthusiastic staff was available at any moment to assist, answer questions and troubleshoot any situation.  Our guests were pleased with the quality of silent auction items and, since Sunday Sol Events had implemented new auction technology to our event, our guests experienced a seamless checkout with easy invoicing.

Sunday Sol Events Team Says:

Working with SIMA is an example of a true partnership – our teams integrated seamlessly, and together worked on accomplishing the goals for the auction.  The SIMA team trusted us to implement new technology and together we implemented a process to enable the pre-promotion of items.  We value the partnership! 

photo credit: Hilleman