New Venue and New Milestones
Case Study: Orangewood Foundation 44 Women Scholarship Luncheon 2017

The 44 Women Scholarship Luncheon continuously strives to provide a relevant key note speaker and deliver a high quality event.  And this year, an event of gold medal status with Simone Biles as the keynote speaker!  

Event Goal:
Bringing in an Olympic Athlete keynote speaker presented an opportunity to grow the event audience, while maintaining an excellent guest experience. Planning for the event, we knew we may have to change venues in order to increase our capacity and it was our goal to seamlessly transition to a new venue and create an incredible guest experience.  

Event Highlights:

  • Exclusive Meet & Greet + Photo Opportunity with our Keynote Speaker before the event, this added an individualized touch and left a lasting impression on guests, elevating the event and in the end, increasing financials.
  • Auctioneer  – With an increased guest list we had new faces and connections in the room. For the first time we added an Auctioneer to conduct the “Raise the Paddle” portion of the event, this allowed us to get more paddles in the air and create a room of excitement and increased engagement! 
  • Exciting Auction Addition –We added one element of surprise for guests to further engage! With our Keynote Speakers recent media popularity, we were able to add a Once-In-a-Lifetime Live Auction item to the program. Adding this increased excitement, raised additional funds, and only took 5 minutes! 
  • No ocean view? That’s okay! Our goal was to create an impression so memorable that our guests wouldn’t notice they weren’t at the beach!  We studied the colors of the room and got creative with our décor and added personal details that would help to create a beautiful and intimate table scape in a room full of guests!
  • Seasonal colors can work in your favor – Spring means bright colors and fun, we added a pop of color in our flowers to make the room feel light and airy! 
  • Lighting is everything – By working closely with the Audio Visual team and having pre-conversations, we were able to plan ahead of time and create a great feel in the room with lighting that turned out just perfect!  
  • We ended on time – A packed program means timing cues & transitions must be seamless! By paying close attention to the run of show, having exceptional stage management skills and being able to think and act quick, we were able to include all details of the program and still end on time! 

Why this event was special for Sunday Sol Events:

It was an exciting day to see it all come together and then culminate into another record breaking event.  Knowing this organization as well as we do makes it easy to try new ideas and reach new goals.