Case Study: Illumination Foundation

Carnival For Kids

Illumination Foundation’s Mission is to provide targeted, interdisciplinary services for the most vulnerable homeless clients in order to break or prevent the cycle of homelessness.

Goal of the Event

  • One cool aspect of this event is that it is “client facing” – meaning that rather than for donors and exclusively for fundraising, this event serves the clients of Illumination Foundation – the families are invited to enjoy and experience the Carnival for Kids!
  • How do we measure success? This was a question going into the event –and helps with future decision making and sponsor engagement.

Event Highlights

  • Who are our guests?  Pre-event, we worked with the Illumination Foundation staff to come up with a way to track where the attendees who received free vouchers were coming from (which school district).  By recommending a color coding system, they were able at the end of event to determine what school districts the attendees received their vouchers and an accurate number for each district in order to measure the success and “ROI” of the event.
  • What do our guests love?  By implementing a ticket tracking system, we could measure the flow of guests throughout the day and the most popular times of the day and most popular attractions.
  • Entertainment! Favorites of the youth attending were the stilt walker, balloon artist, ferris wheel, and DJ.
  • Attendees were able to experience a great day with food, games, rides, and entertainment, many of which may not be able afford a similar experience.


Sunday Sol Event Team Says…

This event has grown over the course of a few years and it is wonderful to see how organized and smooth the event has become. Our team loves to execute the details and allow the Illumination Foundation staff to enjoy the event and spend time with their clients and sponsors.