Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
Think globally, act locally.

You’ve no doubt heard these slogans about sustainability; they’ve been around for decades. Many people have incorporated them into their daily lives in ways both small and large.

In the event planning industry, we try to do our best to provide eco-friendly, sustainable options when appropriate for the type of event. We cannot always do it 100%, but a lot of people – including potential attendees – appreciate an eco-friendly approach. There are a lot of ways to have a “green” fundraising event, and some of these may interest you as we help you to plan yours!

From invites and handouts to food and décor, there are a myriad of ways to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into your next event.

Have you ever thought about how you can incorporate these “green” ideas into your next event?

Electronic invites and ticketing.

One easy way to make your even green is use electronic invites and ticketing. Invites can be sent via email and tickets purchased online. Some online sites, such as Eventbrite, have mobile apps users can download. They simply show their ticket code at check-in to gain admittance to the event.

Handouts and programs.

If your event includes handouts or programs, have them printed on post-consumer recycled paper. If they’re more than one page? Make them double-sided.

Food and drink.

When planning your menu, select items that are grown or produced locally, are vegetarian organic, or are sustainably sourced. Doing so helps reduce the distance the food traveled to get to your event and is more eco-friendly than food that has to travel thousands of miles to get to you.

Donate leftovers. Recently, an exciting law was passed, allowing leftover food from events to be donated to charitable organizations. These organizations then distribute the food to shelters, missions, and social service agencies. One of the companies that spearheaded this undertaking is an organization called Food Finders.

Rather than using water bottles which can be a sizeable source of waste, water stations provide a clean, green, eco friendly option.


Keep dates off banners so they can be used for future events. For indoor events, when decorating tables, use items like linen tablecloths that can be used time and time again.


If you’re going to give away swag at your event, make sure it’s something that can be used more than one time.

Trash, recycling, and composting. Offer guests both trash and recycling bins, and—if possible—composting bins. Mark the bins clearly and identify what items go in each. Collect unused handouts and programs to recycle and collect name badge holders so they can be used again.

A final tip? Ask your guests for help. Let them know upfront that you’ve set some green goals for the event and ask for their help in meeting them.

With a little planning and a little help from your guests, your next event can be both eco-friendly and fun!


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