Everyone has had a bad customer service experience.

Maybe our feedback was ignored or our question wasn’t answered. Maybe we were treated poorly or our expectations weren’t met.

When you’re planning a special event, you definitely don’t want your guests to have a negative experience—especially when you consider that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one bad one!

The truth is, creating a positive experience for your guests is all in the details.

And it’s in these details that we strive to provide what we call the “white glove experience” for your guests. So as we help you plan, here’s what you can expect.

A critically important detail is anticipating your guests’ needs. View the event through the eyes of your guests. They are going to want to know where to park or where the restrooms are located. You can let them know that information ahead of time via email, your event’s website, or social media.

Don’t make people wait. Unless it’s an emergency, start and end your event on time. Guests have planned their day or evening accordingly and dislike having their time disrespected. And remember: long lines are a big turn off.

Make it easy for guests to identify staff and volunteers. Have event staff and volunteers wear something that makes them easy for guests to identify, such as a special name badge or apparel.

In addition to making them easily identifiable, also take the time to educate event staff and volunteers. Consider what common questions guests may have and make certain staff and volunteers can answer them.

If your event features VIPs, speakers, performers, or media personnel, make sure event staff know who those individuals are and treat them accordingly.

When interacting with guests, be sure to give them your full attention. No one likes to feel ignored. If a guest is asking a question, providing feedback, or conversing with you, make sure your body language, manners, word choice, and vocal tone convey that you care about him or her.

Do your best to honor a guest’s special request. For instance, it is not uncommon these days for guests to have dietary restrictions. Most venues are equipped to handle such requests. Let the guest(s) know if the request can be honored and how you will do so.

Above all, be positive. Even with the most meticulous planning, things can and do go wrong. The adage, “your attitude determines your outcome,” rings true. Handle a tough situation with a positive attitude and poise, and the outcome will be that much better.

The details matter.

What are you doing to ensure a positive guest experience at your next event?


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