Golf tournaments are one of the best fundraiser opportunities for a non-profit organization. To make these events a success, all of the pieces must be in place, and quality, thorough planning is always key.

As with any fundraising event, you’ll want to make yours stand out. The idea is to create an event that people want to return to year after year. You definitely don’t want it to be “just another tournament.” So there are always a few things you can do to enhance the experience for your guests.

Have a Great Registration Site

Before getting caught up in the details of the big day, make sure your registration site is clean, polished, and simple to use. Too often, organizations are using complicated software or not using software at all and requiring phone calls or forms to be filled out for their registration, making the process arduous and unprofessional.

It’s worth it to invest in a quality registration site for your golf tournament. It will be the first interaction that people have with your event, and you’ll want to leave a good impression. 

Have Events For The Non-Golfers

Your tournament is usually limited as to how many golfers can play. Furthermore, there are many people that will not be able to attend your event for whatever reason, and all of these people want to support your cause! So it’s equally important to pull participation from as broad a spectrum as possible, going past simply the tournament itself.

For instance, a golf ball drop is a fantastic event that everyone loves to participate in, no matter their position on golf. A golf ball drop is an exciting event that people can participate in without needing to attend the golf tournament. It’s a great way to raise money, involve more people, and have some extra excitement at your event.

Your golfer maximum is usually around 144, however a dinner or reception does not have the same limitations. Spouses can usually attend receptions, which increases your head count for the event as well!

Implement Additional On Site Fundraising Opportunities

Spice up your golf tournament with some fun additional fundraising events on site. One popular way to do this is to offer a special “Pink Lady” tournament. In the Pink Lady Tournament, teams of four golfers play together, and they rotate a pink ball between them.

There are several ways to play the Pink Lady Tournament, but each involves a bit of an extra challenge for the player who plays with the pink ball. At the end of the game, the team with the best score wins a bonus prize.

Another great idea is to incorporate brands that create shopping experiences or gifting experiences at your event. For example, Maui Jim and other retailers can come out to your tournament and set up a retail environment. There is an upfront cost on your end, but the increased perceived value of your brand and cause helps you to come out ahead.

Your company deserves to have a memorable event. Make sure yours pops – don’t let it be “just another golf tournament”!