Our clients ask:  What is the most important part of an event?

There are so many features of an event that are important (fundraising, smooth event, consistent messaging and others) that for this email we wanted to focus on one that makes  for a successful and profitable event. 

Consistent Messaging

Before, During and After an event the message you send to your audience is very important.

Where do you start? 

1. Website

Make sure your website has the event information prominently displayed on the home page, also devote an entire page to the particulars and why it is an event people want to attend. If you can have the event information on the sidebar of all your web pages this will also help raise visibility.

2. Social Media

Use social media to consistently communicate when the event is, why it is important and the about the organization it serves.  Relevant updates about entertainment at the event will help to draw attention to your posts.


Beginning at the concept stage through to execution branding is key to consistent messaging.

Ideas for branding: 

  • Logo/art specific to the event 
  • Invitations with appropriate art work and organization information  
  • Email signatures appended with logo and links for key committee members and office staff 
  • Updated and information rich online calendar
  • Mission Facts incorporated into the event  

Information and colorful visuals to support the events purpose must be placed everywhere – even when you have nowhere to place it. 

Check out this picture!  We were able to use stakes to create a surface to hang the banner  that was visually supportive to the event